Which game is a daily sport in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is always well-knows as a sporty nation because the local play sports every day. Besides it, they also break many records in international competitions.

When visiting the UK, you don’t surprise to see someone plays sports in the road or any free place. They practice sports in free time or replacing other entertainment games on smartphones. It is the truth to talk that sport is an aspect of the UK’s culture.

In this article, we share top daily sports in the UK. Following it if you want to discover culture in the UK.

1/ Netball

Although netball is less famous in the world, it is a popular sport in the UK for teams. The Netball Super League is the most famous netball event in the UK, Scotland and Wales.

Almost netball events are shown in Sky sports or television which can connect and follow through the Internet.

The UK people say that netball is a funny game to connect with teammates. They can understand more when playing netball.

2/ Ice hockey

Almost the human know that ice hockey is a famous sport throughout the UK. Due to character of weather as well benefits of ice hockey, it becomes a good game to play daily.

Not only a normal game, it is also a professional game when the UK usually offer to host some international tournaments. They also own many famous players in this game such as Owen Nolan, Tony Hand. The fact that the UK always compete directly with the USA for first ranking in almost big ice hockey events.

3/ Rowing

It has some interest when rowing is on the favorite sport ranking in the UK. Actually, many teams or groups choose rowing for their picnic. It’s perfect to enjoy the cool water and co-operate with your team to move smoothly.

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