Top the most favorite sports in the UK (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to discuss top the most favorite sports in the UK for your reference. If you visit the UK, you can’t miss to discover or witness the following sports because it can express a part of the daily life for the UK.

From the former article, we refer two most famous sports at there: football and cricket. Now, we will check list other sports.

3, Rugby

Someone has mindset that the UK is the home of rugby due to its popularity. The fact, this sport is encouraged to play widely by the Government. Some places like the North West England, Yorkshire or Cumbria are ready to welcome this game as positive working.

In the first period of rugby, this sport is not really welcome because it is only served for the elite people. Then it is adjusted and changed to adopt to all walks of life.

So, everyone in the UK can play rugby comfortably anywhere. 

4, Tennis

Tennis is another popular game in the UK. Not only popularity as a daily game, this sport also reaches series of achievements at the international ranking. 

In the UK, it is well-known as the Wimbledon located in London since 1877 and still developed until nowadays.

Annually, the UK can earn millions of dollars from selling ticket and serving tourist for foreign fans to visit the Wimbledon. Estimated that tennis in the UK attracts millions of visitors in every year for cheering up some international tennis tournament at the UK.

5, Badminton

Badminton is considered as valuable heritage in the UK. The fact, the UK badminton association plays also an important role in management and development of the International Badminton Federation. They support and help other nations to train and organize professional badminton tournament.

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