Top the most favorite sports in the UK (Part 1)

The UK is well-known as a home of sports when they dominate many sports in top ranking like football, rugby, tennis. Not only professional athletes but also the local enjoy playing and watching sports as good daily habits.

It’s the reason why the UK own numerous achievements in the international stage.

In this article, we collect some famous sports loved and developed strongly in the UK. Whether your preference is familiar with the UK local. Following our ranking.

1, Football

Football is famous in the UK. The fact, it is also the most popular sport in the world. At the UK, there are many domestic and international leagues hold and organized like the Premier league, the Europe cup…

We also know many famous names of football clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal so on. They are well-known as well successful at the international events.

According to development of football, many bookmakers and betting companies do business through placing wager. This is considered as a potential industry at the UK.

Football is loved by the local when they usually organize football events at school or offices. Any England is proud of success of football.

2, Cricket

Cricket is a popular sport in the summer. It’s great to go enjoy outside activities with teamwork. You feel comfortable and relaxing when playing cricket.

It’s easy to understand why the UK love playing cricket like this. The first, cricket has a long time at there. Some documents say that the UK is original of cricket. So, any local considers it as a national sport. The second, the national cricket team usually reach good achievements at international events like ICC to bring victories for their nation. Although they work hard to overcome strong teams from India, Australia. It contributes to increase favorite and passion for cricket.

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