Top the best horse races in the UK (Part 1)

The UK is famous for sport nation. One of the most favorite sport is horse race. The fact, horse race is considered as the oldest sport in the world because it has a long history from the ancient time. Then it has been continued to maintain and develop until nowadays.

In this article, we share top the best horse racing events you should enjoy when visiting the UK. You can discover new things about culture of the UK through the following events.

1, Aintree Grand National

Aintree Grand National was established in the first time in 1839. Then it becomes one of the most reliable event about horse racing.

Estimated it serves 600 million people to buy ticket and cheer up annually. The racecourse is famous for 30 fences and 40 rivals in one festival.

Besides watching horse, the racecourse also serves other services like restaurants, hospitality tents which are convenient for some watchers to join activities in night.

On average, ticket costs £57 for one match. However, it is sold out fast, you need to book it in advance as soon as possible. 

2, The Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot is annually held in June. This race looks like a festival for all people to visit and have a party together.

In the past, people would wear well-dressed to join this event, including men, women and children. All people feltexpecting and interesting.

Estimated that the Royal Ascot has ever received over £6 millionin per season. Even, the Queen has ever joined this event every year as her annualy habit. This means popularity of this racecourse is becoming various and developed widely, not only in the domestic area in the UK, but also the foreigner from all over the world.

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