Top the best athlete in sport in the UK

The UK own a wide range of athletes in sports, especially they are strong and developed in almost sports. In this article, we continue to share top the best sport players at there. If you are caring to culture- sport-growth overall in this UK, you should follow our article. In general, sport is a major aspect to express special points in culture.

In the article, we have ever referred to Bobby Moore in football and Lord Coe in running. Now, we will discuss other names in auto racing and golf.

3/ Sir Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart is one of the greatest racing drivers in the UK, especially in the era with series of accidents and injuries of racing because of lack in technology and safety features. He is still outstanding and famous as a hero.

During his auto racing, he had total 3 titles in the UL Champions, won 27 race and 43 podiums.

His performance was extremely impressive and made more inspiration to new driver about strength, power and confidence of a men.

4/ Sir Nick Faldo

Nick Faldo is still considered as one of the most successful golfers in this nation when he owned series of trophies and titles such as 3 times for the Open Championships, 3 times for Master tournaments. He also was voted for the highest player in the ranking.

In general, he dominated his era in 19th century at the UK.

Especially, he also jointed the European Ryder Cup with his national team within 11 times. Then as a good result, he won and was voted for the successful player.

These titles were important and remarkable because it broke an eternal dominance of the USA during many times. This achievement deserved to be praise as heroes of the UK.

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