Top popular sports in the UK

The UK is famous as home of sports because almost people in here love and enjoy sport daily as a good habit. Furthermore, sports in the UK are always on the top best ranking in the world.

In this article, we will discuss top popular sports in the UK which the local are favorite and usually play or watch it.

1/ Netball

One the truth that netball is the UK sport because it is not popular in the world. However, it is one of the major sports in the UK. Then it is held annually to exchange athletes in UK, Scotland and Wales. The biggest event of netball is the Netball Super League which was founded in 2006.

Besides it, there are smaller netball events which usually are shown on Sky sports. You can search this channel to follow netball matches.

2/ Ice Hockey

It is no doubt that ice hockey is originated from the UK. The International ice hockey federation is also located and allied with the ice hockey UK association to manage and organize ice hockey tournaments in the world.

This sport is famous in the UK therefore the ice hockey UK association is focused and invested high-quality infrastructure to serve both domestic and international players to practice and compete. Can lit some famous names such as Owen Nolan, Tony Han or GB Team.

3/ Rowing

The England prefer to join water sports like rowing. The Rowing Association is the highest organization about rowing. They are on behalf of Great Britain to manage, train as well organize competitions for professional and amateur players.

Rowing in the UK is also famous and usually on the top best teams in the international rankings.

There are some famous rowers like Geoffrey Taylor in the Thames Rowing club or Douglas Kirtland in London rowing club.

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