Top popular sports in the UK

As referred from the previous article, sport is a major source of relaxing and hobby for the England local. Because they are independent and young, they prefer to play sport to improve health better.

We will continue to discuss top popular sports in this nation as followings.

7/ Rugby

In general, the UK is home of rugby with long history. If in the early times, rugby was only allowed for the elite class people, it has been changed dramatically in recent years.

To encourage more people to join it, the Rugby League and the Rugby Union has been founded under order of the UK Government. They focus to organize other rugby competitions for other levels and ages.

8/ Cricket

Cricket is the second popular sport in the UK. It appeared in the early 80s and only served for the army officers and officials in the Government. They usually played it in their leisure time.

Nowadays, there are about 20 cricket clubs and thousands of cricket teams under management of the Cricket Union. They represent for this nation to compete other national cricket teams in the international championship. The fact that, the biggest opponent is India cricket team.

9/ Football

Discussion sports in the UK, we can’t miss football which has almost 3.3 billion fans in the world. Football is also well known in the UK with many followed leagues.

In brief, football is the first top for the popular sports ranking in the UK. There are many famous football clubs like MU, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea or others with famous football championships such as FA Cup, Capital One Cup and especially Premier League.

Football brings a big revenue for the UK, including jobs for players, coaches, assistant, supporter and others as well profit from attacking the foreign to visit national football rounds.

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