Top popular sports in the UK

The UK is famous for many modern sports. The local usually enjoy outdoor activities and sports in their daily lives because it brings health and fitness benefits.

In this article, we continue to refer top popular sports in the UK. If you tend to travel or go abroad for study in the UK, you should read the followings to adapt this nation simply.

In the last article, we refer netball, ice hockey and rowing. Now the ranking includes in swimming, badminton and tennis.

4/ Swimming

There are many U.K people enjoy swimming. So many international stars in the world come from the U.K. In general, the local are proud of swimming’s achievements in international tournaments.

The British Olympic Association is an affiliate of the international swimming association to take care and manage swimming competitions in the global.

5/ Badminton  

Badminton is granted as one of the oldest sports in the world. At the UK, it has a long history. Therefore, it is considered as valuable heritage.

The Badminton association was established in 1893 which manages and is responsible for growth of this sport, including professional athletes and normal players in daily lives.

In this nation, they build up badminton clubs and stadium to serve people joining it conveniently.

6/ Tennis

Tennis is also on top one the most favorite sports in the UK. If you are not a England person, you can still hear about some tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon, the Lawn tennis.

Almost the U.K tennis tournaments attracts both sports fans and sport critics. Every year, many visitors come to the U.K to cheer up live matches of famous leagues. It is the greatest way do business effectively. In this nation, there are many stars with high salary from playing tennis. It is one of reason to push more and more people to play tennis daily.

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