Top greatest football stadiums in the UK

Football is considered as one of the best sports in the UK as well the global. It’s right when assuring that football is the king of sport. It is always focused by millions of fans. It also contributes profit to grow economy and sport industry.

Coming to the UK where it is inspiration for spreading of football, the UK is usually chosen to organize internationally big football festivals.

In this article, we share top biggest football stadiums you should visit in the UK. Through the ranking, you are clear about growth and interest in football of the UK people.


The UK people consider that Wembley is home of the England national team when it is a historical place for many sports events. Because it is closed with us from our youths until our generation and even the next- the next generation.

In general, building cost is estimated £974,000,000 which is not included some times for renovations and renews. The truth that this number is really big and luxurious. As purpose of the UK, they want to build up luxurious races to make good frame in the global.

One refer to a stadium of the UK, we can’t miss Wembley. It becomes an unique symbol for this nation. So, it is also a good place you should visit when going to the UK. Not only used for football events, almost other biggest games also take place at there.

Let it see some memorial events at Wembley. It can be a England matches in the FE cup semi-finals. Or some leagues for the League Cup. It is chosen for good places of play-off finals. In the future, it predicted that it will be used for the final of the European Championships and music concerts.

Seeing some great innovations from this stadium.

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