Top 10 pro athletes to join the European swimming championships 2018 in England (Part 3)

Let continue to summarize top the most prestigious swimmers at the European swimming championship 2018 in England team.

Our ranking is estimated the number of medals of both female and man athletes at all swimming types.

5, James Wilby

After a long time he is in trouble in injuries, James Wilby has recovered and come back the European swimming event. His strength is 200m breaststroke. However, he has also registered to compete in 50m and 100m breaststroke. 

Although he has not yet practiced swimming much, he has proved that he is an international star when he contributed one gold for the UK team at the 200m breaststroke. His achievement makes spectators amazing and admiring about one talent.

Furthermore, he has owned some medals at other swimming styles like the silver in the 100m breaststroke, only behind Adam Peaty and two bronzes in 50m breaststroke. He is deserved to be on the top-division swimmers of England.

6, Ross Murdoch

Ross Murdoch is one of the most expected swimmers of the UK swimming team. He is expected to continue brightening up more in this event, after series of achievements at his young age.

Before 4 years ago, in the European swimming championship in 2014, he won one big medal at the 200m breaststroke. This remarked his pro career when he was still young.

Then in 2016 event, he continued to own one gold at the same swimming style and contributed to win finally of the 4x100m medley relay.

As a good consequence, he was voted to be ambassador of the Glasgow 2018. 

Coming to the Glasgow 2018, he met expectations of spectators when he could break his record to win one gold medal again. His winning contributed to the highest position in ranking of the England.

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