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Some amazing moments in NFL

NFL is one of the most popular sport events in the USA. Furthermore, it is welcomed and followed by many foreign fans in the world. They are attacked by interest, excitement as well passion to perform the most of players.

In this article, we continue to share some amazing moments in NFL. These ranking can be not the best record in NFL, but these moments contribute to fill in a beautiful picture about this event.

So, it’s deserved to share for any fans of NFL.

7, Player breaks the record about rushing, receiving and kicking ball 

These achievements are amazing, even impossible for any player because it requires some complicated skills to complete. However, one player can do it to create new record in NFL history.

In the season 2017-2018, Dion Lewis bring the USA became the first player to reach three actions at the same a match. It includes rushing, receiving and kicking for the touchdown. The special thing was these performances to be acted in a game whereas three actions offer different skills. 

This achievement become strange when it was taken by one player and one a match. The truth that, he was extremely talented to reach the best performance. 

Finally, his team- the New England Patriots was over 31-16 against the Houston Texans.

8, Who is the youngest coach in NFL

The fact, coach plays an important role to make proper strategies for team. 

As transfer of players annually, coaches are usually publicized to transfer from this club to other clubs.

During history of NFL, Sir Sean McVay was the youngest head coach since 1986 until now. He started this mission when his age was 30. His youth and passion, he could over the head coach in the second- Lance Kiffin when he started this job in 31 years old.

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