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Top 10 pro athletes to join the European swimming championships 2018 in England (Part 3)

Let continue to summarize top the most prestigious swimmers at the European swimming championship 2018 in England team.

Our ranking is estimated the number of medals of both female and man athletes at all swimming types.

5, James Wilby

After a long time he is in trouble in injuries, James Wilby has recovered and come back the European swimming event. His strength is 200m breaststroke. However, he has also registered to compete in 50m and 100m breaststroke. 

Although he has not yet practiced swimming much, he has proved that he is an international star when he contributed one gold for the UK team at the 200m breaststroke. His achievement makes spectators amazing and admiring about one talent.

Furthermore, he has owned some medals at other swimming styles like the silver in the 100m breaststroke, only behind Adam Peaty and two bronzes in 50m breaststroke. He is deserved to be on the top-division swimmers of England.

6, Ross Murdoch

Ross Murdoch is one of the most expected swimmers of the UK swimming team. He is expected to continue brightening up more in this event, after series of achievements at his young age.

Before 4 years ago, in the European swimming championship in 2014, he won one big medal at the 200m breaststroke. This remarked his pro career when he was still young.

Then in 2016 event, he continued to own one gold at the same swimming style and contributed to win finally of the 4x100m medley relay.

As a good consequence, he was voted to be ambassador of the Glasgow 2018. 

Coming to the Glasgow 2018, he met expectations of spectators when he could break his record to win one gold medal again. His winning contributed to the highest position in ranking of the England.

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Top the best athlete in sport in the UK

The UK is famous for a sport nation. Any road, corner or pavement you can see someone is playing sport. We can list some famous sports which the UK dominate in the top ranking like basketball, tennis, auto racing or golf.

In this article, we continue to discuss top the best players in sports of the UK. Following it if you are interested in discovery beauty and success in sport of this nation.

5/ Lennox Lewis

Lennox Lewis is a great heavyweight player during his era. He had a successful career within a heavyweight ring. In history, he had ever defeated many temporary champions such as Evander Holyfield, KO’d Mike Tyson or Vitali Klitschko to come to the winning.

In 1993, he reached WBC Heavyweight champion. Then he maintained this record until 199. There were shattering events of the world.

6/ Steve Redgrave

Rowing is a strength of the UK when they have ever got many golds in Olympics. Steve Redgrave is the first rower repeated when we refer to rowing.

He had 16 years to be close with rowing career. So, he joined five consecutive games and receiving many glorious medals for him and the UK team, especially at the Olympic events.

Besides achievements in Olympics, he also reached three golds in the Commonwealth Games and nine golds in the World Championship.

7/ Chris Hoy

Moving to cycling, we have Chris Hoy who is considered as the greatest cyclist of the UK. Many medal records during his career can express all instead of wording, including six golds in Olympic, two golds in Commonwealth and 11 golds in the World Championship.

He had big effort to transform cycling as a professional sport besides a hobby in daily life. He inspired positive energy for new generation to access to pro cycling seriously.

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Top the best athlete in sport in the UK

The UK always are famous with strength and achievement in sport. This nation is owning a huge number of great athletes in almost field of sport such as football, tennis, hockey so on.

To understand more detail about sports in the UK, we share top the best players at there. Following it if you are a fan of the UK. Actually, sport is an important aspect to discover more culture in the UK.

1/ Bobby Moore

Both life and career of Bobby Moore have become legend because he is considered as one of the most talented players in the UK with many trophies and achievements.

He was a footballer player for the national team and a captain of the West Ham club in a decade. He played at the defender during his career. He was the key person to inspire his teammate to reach the triumph in World Cup which made incredible event in his career.

Estimated that he had 108 times to wear national uniform and every time he was present in the field, he always expressed and played the most energy.

In 1993, all the UK people were disappointed and sad when he was died. Because the local felt sorry for a talented in the legend of this country.

2/ Lord Coe

Lord Coe was the greatest middle-distance runner in the UK as well in the world. He was an excellent player in the 1500 meters at the Olympics in 1980 and 1984. He kept the records for many fields such as 800m and 1000m.

He also was a potential person to share inspiration to the next generation about ability and passion for the athletics track.

Coe continued to express himself by overseeing the Olympic Game in 2012 held in London. He was extremely successful in this new role.

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