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English football tournament you should follow (Part 3)

Here we continue to introduce some famous football tournaments in the UK.

As shared from the former article, the UK has series of professional competitions which is well-known with everyone in the world like the FA Cup, the Football League Cup. Now, we will discuss another competition which is extremely developed and prestigious in the UK, called as the Premier League.

3, The Premier League

The first time of the Premier League was established in 1992 by the First Division of Football league. The purpose of tournament was to create new working environment for all clubs in the UK so that they can practice and improve their skills as well develop football more professionally. Whereas other clubs in Spain and Italia became stronger and usually kept high position in the continental competitions.

This event is also called as Barclay Premier League because it has been sponsored by Barclays Bank in many years.

The Premier League’s establishment had some meanings in growth of football. It was considered as splitting top top-level clubs and the second level clubs. In one season, some worst teams should be relegated to the second high class. And some best teams from the second level would replace each other. It made more terrible and serious for any team who wanted to keep in the next season. Further, it also expressed equality for all clubs.

According to the detail schedule, one season has 20 teams and has two matches in the home and away stadium to find the better team. so, there are total 380 games in the playoff. In the end of season, which team has the highest points in the ranking, they will become Championship.

Until now, there are some major teams to reach the winner in Premier League, including Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham.

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