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Top 10 pro athletes to join the European swimming championships 2018 in England (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top the best swimmers in the European championship 2018 located in England.

As shared before, the European swimming competition is one of the most prestigious events about swimming at this continent. It is a good chance to practice and improve swimming skills before joining the international event like the Olympics games. So, from the European championships, we have ever met many stars and talented swimmers.


Sarah Vasey has become a new star in the recent time when she continues to overcome other swimmers to touch the forefront of ranking in UK.

She is trained in the British swimming national center, by Mell Marshall as head manager. Although she is only 21 years old, she has ever won some gold medals at tournaments, including the title in World Championships 2017 at 100m breaststroke, the Commonwealth Games in 2018 at the 50m breaststroke and then the title of European swimming championship 2018.

She is a potential swimmer for the British national team.


She is a proven relay swimmer at the 400m and 400m mixed medley. Her strength is 200m individual medley and relay.

During her career, she has ever dominated the record at many tournaments like winning the Commonwealth games in 200m individual medley and the European swimming championship at Glasgow 2014. She also owns one silver at the Rio game 2016.

In general, her achievements are admiring when she usually has kept records in the world. Then coming to the European swimming championship 2018, she has been excellent to own the medal at 400 and 800m freestyle relay team. Besides it, she also reaches the medal for Commonwealth tournament. This is the second time for her to life the winning officially.

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Top 10 pro athletes to join the European swimming championships 2018 in England (Part 1)

England is well-known as a sport nation when they own series of stars and pro athletes in many sports. Not only football, swimming is also a professional sport at there.

In this article, we refer one tournament which the Uk athletes are successful. It is the European swimming championships in 2018. To make general achievement of team, we need to praise some outstanding individual swimmers as following.


Adam Peaty played an important role to create strong team for the UK. 

Before coming the European championship, he had just become the winner for the 100m breaststroke at the Coast Commonwealth Games. 

The fact that, he had ever dominated two swimming types: 50m breaststroke and 100m breaststroke in many seasons with series of achievements like: winning the reigning Olympic, the World Cup champion and European champion over 100m or winning the World cup champion and European champion in the 50m breaststroke.


Ben Proud has owned many rewards confidently to join this event.

His strength was 50m freestyle and 50m butterfly.

Before coming to Glasgow for the European swimming championships, he had broken new record in 50m freestyle in history in the last month at Sette Colli, Italty. Ge win the gold medal with 21.16. this impressive achievement helped him to rank the fourth fastest swimmer all the time of the 50m freestyle type.

During his career, he was expected to own the double of gold medal when he won the 50m freestyle in a Commonwealth. Then he hoped to win the 50m butterfly style at the same competition. However, he couldn’t reach this target. Only winning for 50m freestyle also prove his talent and ability for the better achievements in the future.

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