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Top the best horse races in the UK (Final part)

As introduced from the former article, visiting some horse races at racecourses in the UK is one of the most favorite way to discover more about culture, custom as well lifestyle of the locals. Because the UK is a national home of horse races, so there are series of famous racecourses at there.

Although nowadays people prefer to place on bet through online betting, many people want to go the racecourse to cheer up or make wagers. It brings realistic feeling about one match. 

So, when visiting the UK, you shouldn’t miss big horse races. Assure that you improve more knowledge about this nation. 

In this article, we continue to share other famous racecourses in the UK. They can be famous due to their reputation, frame or quality of horse races.

They are which destinations? Following our ranking.

6, Champions Day

The champions day takes place at Ascot. It’s considered as a prestigious flat horse races in the UK. So, it attacks millions of spectators throughout the nation to visit. 

Although it only takes a short time, but revenue in one business day is on the top highest profit in any racecourse. In the last year, it was on average of $4 million revenue on day. 

To maximum profit, they are risky to offer big prizes for winners as well reasonable odd rates for bettors. 

To be allowed to come inside, you are required to wear white dress smartly or any clothe suiting meaning of October in Ascot racecourse.

7, Racing Post Trophy

This is the last horse race in the ranking. It is established in the end of year, from Oct to Nov at Doncaster racecourse. 

It is a flat race with a reasonable ticket. However, you need to book it in advance for reservation because ticket is sold out fast.

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Top the best horse races in the UK (Part 2)

The UK is famous for horse races during long history. The fact, it is considered as a part of history and traditions. So, many foreign people visit horse races to feel sincerely about lifestyle as well customs in the UK.

In this article, we continue to share top greates horse races you should discover in the UK at least one time if possible. There are many interesting stories around these racetracks.

3, Epsom Derby

Epsom Derby is a real festival for the ladies in the UK. All ladies would wear beautiful dresses then be invited to join the party with music, food as well celebrities. It’s also called as a great summer holiday.

At the end of race, the Queen will notify who is the best-dressed prize for one lazy. She will receive big prize with pride and happiness.

Then, the following day, all people can see and place on bets of Derby Day. This is highly aprreciated as the greatest flat race in the world. All the best horses will be used and showed for the final event under expectation of everyone.

4, Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham Festival has far frame for anyone loving horse races in the worldwide. It is known as the festival because it collects series of talented jockeys and greate horses to battle. They will compete to reach the big prize for winners. So, all racers hope to do victory.

Annually, there are over 260,000 people to join this event with average revenue of $4 millions. 

This race is decribed as Hall of frame when many racers or bettors become rich as soon as winning the race.

5, Scottish Grand National

This race can serve large families as well the young to encourge love for animal. It is one of rare races allowing all kids to go with their parents.

This races include eight races being over 4 miles and 27 fences.

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Review about Cheltenham festival

The Cheltenham festival is one of the most important events in the national horse race which is organized in Cheltenham racecourse. If you are fan of horse race sport, you should know about this festival. It is one of the most favorite jumping races.

As the rule of national hunt, Cheltenham is held annually every March at the Prestbury park. The truth that it is the first place to be chosen for this festival and it exits and maintains until nowadays. So, you can know why this race is beloved like this.

Racing in Cheltenham before having the Cheltenham festival

Before becoming a place to host for Cheltenham, this race was used to organize some less reputable races from Prestbury Park area to Cleeve Hill. Almost they were series of flat races.

The founder wanted to change this status because he saw Cheltenham racecourse had enough conditions to become a professional race. So they decided to raise budget and establish Cheltenham festival with hopes that it became popular and famous in horse race field.

Racing in Cheltenham after hosting the Cheltenham festival

As a good consequence, Cheltenham decided to host a horse race in 1898 which was the first official race at there. It received good feedbacks as well welcomes from spectators to continue to develop the next festivals in the next years.

During history of Cheltenham, it has several times to change locations around this area. In 1904, it was moved to Prestbury park. Then some successive years, it continued to change places at Market Harborough. The reason of changes was to find the best condition to organize racecourses professionally.

The most crucial event was 1911 when they established the National Hunt Chase. It was the last time for moving permanently. This racecourse was considered one of the most prestigious race in the world until now.

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