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History of swimming in the UK (Part 1)

The UK is well-known for swimming as a traditional game when the English swimmers have ever reached series of achievements in the history through international competitions.

To make clear about swimming in the UK, we collect some major events during the period of origins and developments. Following our article if you are interested in swimming of this nation.

In general, swimming in the UK is under management by the Swim England. They are the highest association to control and build up all issues about swimming like organization tournaments, training, practicing as well organizing competitions.

The Swim England was established in 1869. This was the only association to manage all swimming issues. The fact, this governing body did well their task and responsibility to push development of swimming with series of achievements and successes as nowadays.

This association had collected and evolved all clubs from across the UK to make the same style for development. By the time, the Swim England was grown and became the Amateur Swimming Association.

Specially, the Swim England was managed and sponsored by the Queen since 1953. The Queen- Majesty loved swimming. She was also a professional athlete. In her career, she had ever won the championship for two types: swimming and water. She contributed her effort to develop this sport stronger and more professional.

Until now, she was a source of positive inspiration for every swimmer in chasing their dream about swimming. Until now, the Swim England has celebrated her Majesty birthday annually.

In 2017, the Duke of Cambridge was taken over the patronage from the Queen. Although changing new management, the Council continued to maintain proper strategies to push swimming stronger.

In 2018, the Swim England was renamed as the Amateur Swimming Association. The Council takes in charge of charitable status and training athletes well.

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