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Great football experience you should try in the UK

The UK is country of football, therefore there are many historical events about football at there. If you are a fan of football, you should visit the UK at least one time to discover more culture and history related to football.

In this article, we share top great football experience you must see when visiting the UK. Following it to broaden more information about football.

5/ Visiting one pitch of a Premier league club

As far as we know, the Premier league is the top football champion in the UK but its frame is being spread all over the world. All fans of football love and follow this league annually.

Therefore, visiting one pitch of this league should be practiced when coming here. Sure that some valuable moments of football will recall your mind.

The fact that this service is not offered regularly. You only have some special cases in one year to get experience. It usually happens in the off season of the Premier league. Therefore, you should consider timetable when visiting there.

It’s great when you can stand on the pitch where your idols have ever appeared and performed excellently. Don’t forget to visit the changing room, the pre-game pep talks to discover some pictures, presents or stories listed in the history.

6/ Playing football in the river in Cotswolds

This is a football festival about football held in the River Windrush of Bourton. This river is peaceful and quiet in normal days but it becomes noisy and crowded in this event.

The local thinks that it is a way to bring luck and success in football for anyone immersing in the water. Because not many people dare to jump in the chilly water.

This event is organized in August annually and welcomed by all fans of football in the UK.

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History in football in the UK

Football has a long history which is close with development of the society. Sometimes football plays an important in political strategies of one nation.

The UK football is a major part in the history of football from the beginning of first football matches, version of rules until football tournaments all over the world. We can see something important from the UK.

To clear detail about football in the UK, we summarize some major events during football history at there.

Early history in the UK football

The national English team was founded as one of the first national teams in the world, with Scotland. Until now, they are considered as the two oldest teams.

In 1870, the UK team was against the Scotland which remarked the first international football match. Since this event, the football team of England connected with other British teams to organize the British home championship. This event was appreciated as the perfect time to share and close every nations, every fans as well every footballers. In 1888, this was the first time the national English team won the championship at this tournament with 54 wins.

Beginning for the Championship in Olympics

As soon as the Olympics was founded including football, the UK football became a potential team for winning at every event. As forecasted, at the London summer Olympic in 1900, they won the first time to become the Champion after defeating France and Belgium. 

The UK team also represented for other nations in Great Britain to reach high achievement at one Olympics.

They continued to dominate the Olympics at the next tournaments until 1920, they were beaten surprisingly by the Norway team who was amateur players on this tournament. 

The loss made big arguments in the internal organization whether which reason led to failure of the UK team before a weaker opponent.

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