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Introduction about FA Cup (Part 2)

FA Cup is famous for the UK as one of the most prestigious football competition.

In this article, we continue to share major events about origins and growth of this league.

3, All Round at FA Cup

Asshared in the former article, the round of FA Cup is organized professionally and carefully to make the legal and right for all clubs in the UK.

The fourth round will start for a new season. Estimated there are 64 teams from all over the nations to be registered and joined officially.

After closing the four round, they will find 32 better teams to go the third round. At there, per team will play seriously to get a ticket to the second round. Every weak, there are series of matches organized. Per team will have two turns at the host stadium and guest stadium, then find the team is winner and go to the next round. So, after two matches, they are compulsory to find the winner through extra-time or penalties. In general, per team will try the best and not allowed to make mistake, if not they can’t go the further round.

As soon as finishing the third round with contribution of 32 rounds, they will go to the second round to find only 20 teams for the last round. If any club has achievements in the Championship or the Premier League or the Europa League, they will have more opportunity to go the next round easily.

Because of serious feature, FA Cup requires high concentration from footballer. All rounds will be organized annually from January to end of year, so football clubs have more time to practice and build up new strategies for the next match. This is convenience to increase profession and high-quality of the competition.

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Introduction about FA Cup (Part 1)

Among series of famous football competitions in the UK, FA Cup is considered as the most well-known domestic event which is loved and followed by millions of fans around the world.

In this article, weshare some stories about FA Cup.

Firstly, overview about FA Cup

FA Cup is organized and managed by the UK football association. It is named after simply but it still brings genuine and impression for spectators.

As the schedule, this event will talke place in the end of year. Another way, it is the last competition held in one year. So, it is always expected and employed strictly from former competitions.

Another special character, FA Cup is held in the Wembley Stadium which is the biggest place in the UK. Actually, FA Cup is invested carefully about quality of members as well infrastructure to develop its frame strongly.

Before starting one competition, the association should prepare various round draws to collect top the best teams. They also give guideline detail about sponsorship, stadiums, competition format or updated rules so that it makes more interesting for every fan to enjoy this event.

Even, many foreign visitors come the UK as travel to cheer up the final match of FA Cup. The fact that its frame and spreading are admiring for any event in the world.

Qualifcation about FA Cup

To make glory and success for FA Cup, they focus on building up qualification before organization one event.

There are some factors to determine whether this club has the right to join the event or not.

Depending on rules of per season, it can be updated in early of year.

For example, the club is compulsory to join the FA trophy or the FA cup in the last year. Or they overcome the level 1-4 from the Premier league and the Football league so on.

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