Some amazing moments in NFL

NFL (standing for national football league) is one of the biggest and most favorite leagues in the USA. All the American people and players expect and welcome it annually.

Furthermore, the reputation and frame are still famous for worldwide.

In this article, we will collect and share some amazing moments about NFL as reference for football fans all over the world.

Following it if you are also a fan of football, particularly fans of NFL.

1/ Carson Wentz broke the record for a rookie

Carson Wentz has become the youngest player reach to 379 which is the most pass completions whereas he is only a new quarterback for the St. Louis Rams.

He is excellent to over the former record of Sam Bradford with 354 and become new symbol about the talented young.

Because NFL focus and encourage the young to football more. So, when a new quarterback can reach amazing achievement, he should be encouraged and treated as a lesson for anyone to follow.

2/ 25 is the largest points for a comeback

Until now, in a Super Bowl match, the largest point can reach is 25 which is kept and broke by the New England Patriots. This team is excellent to break the rule against the Atlanta Falcons in the NRG Stadium with the final score 28-3 down. Finally, they won with total 25 points. 

It is considered as the most achievement for a comeback of the Super Bowl.

3/ There is a heaviest NFL player to make a touchdown

Dontari Poe is voted for the heaviest NFL player in the NFL history when he is 346 pounds (about 156 kgs).

However, all people are surprised with his ability when he gets a rushing down when he plays for the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Diego Chargers.

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