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Top the best footballer in the UK all time

Football is one of the most favorite sports in the UK. It is right when the UK people are confident that their nation is home of football. Because the international football growth history is close with the UK football growth history.

In this article, we refer top greatest footballer in the UK all time. They are also famous stars in international football history. The fact that the ranking is only list a small part of series list.

1/ Duncan Edwards

He has a terrible death in the tragic air crash at Munich when he was just 21 years old. He was a talented striker at Manchester United. Although he was only 151 appearances at the Champions leagues for the Manchester United, he made deeply impressive for everyone, especially fans of MU under the Busby Babes area in the 50s.

In general, he got 20 goals at the Champions Leagues with three lions and 5 special goals. He with MU team won 2 titles for Champion League, 2 times for FA Charity Shields and one time in semi-final of the European Cup. He was also the youngest footballer to be admitted at the Football League First Division.

Someone said that we couldn’t imagine that he still continued how to bright up in his talented performance if he didn’t face with death early.

2/ Gary Lineker

He was also a wonderful striker who played at Leicester City since 1978. Then he moved to Everton and Barcelona with series of achievements for these teams. In Everton, he successfully scored 30 goals in 41 games whereas he won titles in the Copa Del Rey in 1988 and the European Cup in 1989 for Barcelona. Then he continued to transfer contract to Tottenham Hotspur.

Estimated that he was the is third-highest goal-scorer, only behind Bobby Charlton and Wayne Rooney.

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Top the most fantasy football leagues in the UK to play with your team

If you are finding an online game to play with your team in free time, you can try some fantasy football leagues in the UK.

Almost fantasy football leagues have the same format as real leagues. So let it follow this article, we share top the most leagues as good recommendations.

3/ The telegraph fantasy football league

This league is also popular with the young in the UK due to the modern and good design. However, you need to pay fee to create some other teams.

Besides it, there is an useful site to update news, data and profile of teams. It’s good to understand your rival before battles. It’s a convenient feature for this fantasy league.

4/ The European fantasy league

If you are a fan of the Europe football league, you can like this fantasy competition. As a strong feature, you can choose a foreign team to fight. It’s optional.

Once you sign up to this league, you can set up a team, including British and European teams. It is a big league to practice your football skills.

5/ Mail fantasy football

The fact that, founder of mail fantasy football has to pay a lot of money for development and setting up this online system smoothly. This site always has updated news about other fields related to football leagues such as football start, coaches, schedules, story of fans so on. Therefore, players can reach articles and play online game easily. It has designed a new tab- most popular player which is considered as a massive help if any request’s player.

However, mail fantasy football usually show advertisings whereas playing online. It is the most drawback of this site when player feel a little irritating.

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Top the most fantasy football leagues in the UK to play with your team

The UK is well known with spirit and love for football so much. The UK local believe that their nation is home of football. Therefore, annually there are many leagues organized, including professional for athletes and amateur matches for spectators. They always enjoy the football festivals as a joy of life.

Enjoying with the football season, you can start with one fantasy football league. It makes more real emotion for you when you play a role for a football manager or a famous player. It’s great to play with your team to connect other closer.

In this article, we discuss top the most fantasy football leagues in the UK which are popular and easy to follow for any fan in the world.

1/ Fantasy Premier League

You can choose Fantasy Premier League or Fantasy League Classic. They are major options.

When you sign up in site, you should choose the category properly. Then start to log in some steps and play the game. You will play it as if you are a player on the match and choose how to play it as your style.

Almost people like this game because they have opportunities to become super stars in famous clubs of the Premier League like Manchester United, Chelsea or Liverpool.

2/ Sky Sports Fantasy

Sky sports fantasy is considered as one of the most popular fantasy leagues in the UK. It is welcomed new players to adapt fastest. Their system is clear to see profile of each team with ease. It means you are easy to choose a favorite team just by some minutes.

When you press the sign-up button, you are the right to create your team by yourself.

Besides it, you also see status of other players directly in their process. It’s great when see the live match of your teammates. Or you want to battle with them online, you can require an invitation. Then your rivals accept and start the game.

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Top popular sports in the UK

As referred from the previous article, sport is a major source of relaxing and hobby for the England local. Because they are independent and young, they prefer to play sport to improve health better.

We will continue to discuss top popular sports in this nation as followings.

7/ Rugby

In general, the UK is home of rugby with long history. If in the early times, rugby was only allowed for the elite class people, it has been changed dramatically in recent years.

To encourage more people to join it, the Rugby League and the Rugby Union has been founded under order of the UK Government. They focus to organize other rugby competitions for other levels and ages.

8/ Cricket

Cricket is the second popular sport in the UK. It appeared in the early 80s and only served for the army officers and officials in the Government. They usually played it in their leisure time.

Nowadays, there are about 20 cricket clubs and thousands of cricket teams under management of the Cricket Union. They represent for this nation to compete other national cricket teams in the international championship. The fact that, the biggest opponent is India cricket team.

9/ Football

Discussion sports in the UK, we can’t miss football which has almost 3.3 billion fans in the world. Football is also well known in the UK with many followed leagues.

In brief, football is the first top for the popular sports ranking in the UK. There are many famous football clubs like MU, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea or others with famous football championships such as FA Cup, Capital One Cup and especially Premier League.

Football brings a big revenue for the UK, including jobs for players, coaches, assistant, supporter and others as well profit from attacking the foreign to visit national football rounds.

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Top popular sports in the UK

The UK is famous for many modern sports. The local usually enjoy outdoor activities and sports in their daily lives because it brings health and fitness benefits.

In this article, we continue to refer top popular sports in the UK. If you tend to travel or go abroad for study in the UK, you should read the followings to adapt this nation simply.

In the last article, we refer netball, ice hockey and rowing. Now the ranking includes in swimming, badminton and tennis.

4/ Swimming

There are many U.K people enjoy swimming. So many international stars in the world come from the U.K. In general, the local are proud of swimming’s achievements in international tournaments.

The British Olympic Association is an affiliate of the international swimming association to take care and manage swimming competitions in the global.

5/ Badminton  

Badminton is granted as one of the oldest sports in the world. At the UK, it has a long history. Therefore, it is considered as valuable heritage.

The Badminton association was established in 1893 which manages and is responsible for growth of this sport, including professional athletes and normal players in daily lives.

In this nation, they build up badminton clubs and stadium to serve people joining it conveniently.

6/ Tennis

Tennis is also on top one the most favorite sports in the UK. If you are not a England person, you can still hear about some tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon, the Lawn tennis.

Almost the U.K tennis tournaments attracts both sports fans and sport critics. Every year, many visitors come to the U.K to cheer up live matches of famous leagues. It is the greatest way do business effectively. In this nation, there are many stars with high salary from playing tennis. It is one of reason to push more and more people to play tennis daily.

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Top popular sports in the UK

The UK is famous as home of sports because almost people in here love and enjoy sport daily as a good habit. Furthermore, sports in the UK are always on the top best ranking in the world.

In this article, we will discuss top popular sports in the UK which the local are favorite and usually play or watch it.

1/ Netball

One the truth that netball is the UK sport because it is not popular in the world. However, it is one of the major sports in the UK. Then it is held annually to exchange athletes in UK, Scotland and Wales. The biggest event of netball is the Netball Super League which was founded in 2006.

Besides it, there are smaller netball events which usually are shown on Sky sports. You can search this channel to follow netball matches.

2/ Ice Hockey

It is no doubt that ice hockey is originated from the UK. The International ice hockey federation is also located and allied with the ice hockey UK association to manage and organize ice hockey tournaments in the world.

This sport is famous in the UK therefore the ice hockey UK association is focused and invested high-quality infrastructure to serve both domestic and international players to practice and compete. Can lit some famous names such as Owen Nolan, Tony Han or GB Team.

3/ Rowing

The England prefer to join water sports like rowing. The Rowing Association is the highest organization about rowing. They are on behalf of Great Britain to manage, train as well organize competitions for professional and amateur players.

Rowing in the UK is also famous and usually on the top best teams in the international rankings.

There are some famous rowers like Geoffrey Taylor in the Thames Rowing club or Douglas Kirtland in London rowing club.

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