Great football experience you should try in the UK

Visiting the UK brings a lot of useful experience for your knowledge. One of great thing you should discover is something related to football. As far as we know, the UK has a rich history about football in itself domestic area as well historical events in the world.

Therefore, checking in some locations about football will open your life better. Following our article, we share something you should try to do when travelling to the UK.

3/ Visiting the Scottish Football Museum in Glasgow

Related to football history of football north of the UK border, you should visit the Scottish Football Museum which is considered as the national stadium of Scotland but almost show and express football events in a long history.

At this museum, you can see some views the ticket of the oldest football match in the world which was played in Glasgow in 1897. It is a valuable item about the key event of football. 

Besides it, the museum also stores many items about collections and exhibits of other football events.

4/ Visiting the National Football Museum in Manchester

If you are a fan of Manchester in the Premier league, you shouldn’t miss this museum of the National Football located in Manchester. At this museum, it also focuses on items about Manchester as well other items of the national UK football team during the time such as the World Cup title in 1966 of the UK which was fascinated as a memorial event. Or the “Hand of God” shirt of star in the legend Diego Maradona.

In general, this museum is a must-see location for any fan of football. You will have chances to discover and recall international football event as well items/ prize/ trophies of the UK team and Manchester club.

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