English football tournament you should follow (Part 2)

As introduced from the former article, English is well-known as a football nation with series of domestic tournaments.

Many English football competitions are followed by millions of football fans all over the world. So, many operators and businessman can do commercial transactions in football at there.

Now, we continue to share famous football tournaments for your reference. It’s great for someone loving the UK football and follow it fluently.

In the previous article, we refer to FA Cup which is top high-class tournament for all football clubs in the UK. Now, we discuss other tournaments.

2, The Football League Cup

The Football League Cup stands for EFL Cup which is served for any members in the Football League.

In general, it is a knockout competition when per team has only one opportunity to receive an official ticket into the further round. Once compared with FA Cup, it is considered as lesser because it is focused more technically while FA Cup limits some top-high clubs to join its tournament.

EFL was founded in the first match in 1960-1961 season, then decided to be held every year, as well FA Cup or the Premier League.

After these two events, EFL is ranked the third top-tier for one domestic football event. However, it was usually changed name due to requirements of sponsorship. The latest name of this event was the Capital One Cup.

During history of EFL, the biggest event was to collect all 92 teams in the English football league to participate. 

As annual schedule, it is held in early Fed, before starting the Premier League and FA Cup organized in May. So, some clubs consider EFL Cup as the first target to conquer in one season. So, it is welcomed and registered by many famous clubs throughout the UK.

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