English football tournament you should follow (Part 1)

English is famous for a football nation when there are many activities about football at this nation, such as: football is one of the most favorite sport in daily life, training football is focused and reached good effects, football betting becomes an industry for many bookmakers or there are series of domestic football tournaments hold annually so on.

The fact, people in the world are well-known about football through domestic tournaments. Today, we collect some majorly prestigious football competitions in the UK for your reference. If you love football or prefer to discover about this beautiful nation, you should know about the following famous tournaments.

1, FA CUP 

FA Cup is the oldest competition in the UK established since 1871 season and continues to maintain until nowadays.

FA Cup includes in female and male competition. But above all, FA cup for men is more famous in the global due to its inclusiveness.

According to technical term, it is available opportunity for any of ten tiers which stretches from the Premier league to the Football league and the National league. Any team has the right to join FA Cup and pick up the trophy. Although it’s impossible for a weak team to go the Champions but it pushes their feeling and spirits of smaller teams that they have the same right to become winners if they really try the best. So, the meaning of FA Cup is encouraged to develop and spread to other competitions.

About schedule, FA Cup has total initial six rounds to find 32 the best teams for the next round. All nearly 100 teams from other competitions will face to face to find winner of the round. It’s a strict knockout. 

Some teams in the high ranking of the Premier league and Championship side have priority to go the third round without competing with any team in knockout round.The final match will be organized at Wembley. The winner of FA Cup will be invited to join the FA community shield to be against the winner of Premier league in the same season

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