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Basic rules in baseball (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share top basic rules to play baseball well.

According to the former article, we have ever known that baseball is a favorite team sport with simple rules. 

As long as you follow our instruction, you can start this game with your friend fast.

Now, we discuss how to score in baseball

As sharing, once finishing a match, which team reaches more score legally, they will become winners. But how to score well and correctly in baseball. This step is extremely important.

To make one score, a batter hit ball fastest into the designated area then run around four bases. This action is faster and faster before the fielding team runs forward batter to throw ball to another batter in their team.

Another way, batter can make a mandatory point by hitting a home run. He has the right to stop and hit anytime he think he can’t make it correctly to the next turn. If ball is correct, he can score one point.

To score more points, maximum 4 points, batter can hit at another base. It includes in the first base for the first batter, the second and the third base for players accordingly. Per time overcomes one base, they earn one point for their team. Total has 4 times to make 4 scores.

In general, earning one point is the easiest. But the higher level, it can bring more points to access winning. Therefore, depending on other strategies, batters will use other ways to make scores properly.

The next, how to win the game

To win a game, one team will overcome the opponent team through 9 innings. After this time, we can determine the winner.

If which team has more scores, they are winners. 

In case of having a tie, there are extra innings until finding the winner, the inning will finish.

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Basic rules in baseball (Part 1)

Baseball is one of the most favorite game in the UK. It’s normal when you see some stadium for baseball or any baseball tournament in this nation.

Although this sport is not extremely famous and well-known as football, tennis, it’s a favorite choice of several groups in the UK.

To understand more about culture in there, we share major rules in this game. After our sharing, you can imagine something about this sport.

Although baseball has not origin from the UK, it has growth strongly at there when pinnacles and international events have been organized in the UK, through the World Series of Baseball.

About object, players need to make more and more scores by hitting ball and running around the bases within 4 times. It finishes a turn officially. They need to do it faster than their opponents. Then another player will take the next step.

According to rules in the UK, there are two teams in one match while per team has 9 teammates.

There are total 9 rounds, per team has alternated between two positions: batting and fielding in turn. After 9 rounds, the team points will correct the final points by total points of end of the innings. 

In general, per team has three time for inning before they practice the changes of batting or fielding position. In per inning, it should be divided into the top (for the guest team) and the bottom (for the home team).

The next, rules in the field. There are two parts: infield and outfield, distinguishing by the diamond shape with four bases at 90 feet. In the center, there is a pitching mound where players stand and throw ball to other teammates. To score a point, player needs to overcome three bases, then run to the line to reach a score successfully.

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Some amazing moments in NFL

NFL is one of the most popular sport events in the USA. Furthermore, it is welcomed and followed by many foreign fans in the world. They are attacked by interest, excitement as well passion to perform the most of players.

In this article, we continue to share some amazing moments in NFL. These ranking can be not the best record in NFL, but these moments contribute to fill in a beautiful picture about this event.

So, it’s deserved to share for any fans of NFL.

7, Player breaks the record about rushing, receiving and kicking ball 

These achievements are amazing, even impossible for any player because it requires some complicated skills to complete. However, one player can do it to create new record in NFL history.

In the season 2017-2018, Dion Lewis bring the USA became the first player to reach three actions at the same a match. It includes rushing, receiving and kicking for the touchdown. The special thing was these performances to be acted in a game whereas three actions offer different skills. 

This achievement become strange when it was taken by one player and one a match. The truth that, he was extremely talented to reach the best performance. 

Finally, his team- the New England Patriots was over 31-16 against the Houston Texans.

8, Who is the youngest coach in NFL

The fact, coach plays an important role to make proper strategies for team. 

As transfer of players annually, coaches are usually publicized to transfer from this club to other clubs.

During history of NFL, Sir Sean McVay was the youngest head coach since 1986 until now. He started this mission when his age was 30. His youth and passion, he could over the head coach in the second- Lance Kiffin when he started this job in 31 years old.

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Some amazing moments in NFL

In this article, we continue to collect some amazing moments in NFL which is the most favorite football festival in the USA.

If you are a royal fan of NFL, you shouldn’t miss some memorial moments. Maybe it can recall you some stories related these following events.

4/ Almost individual players brighten by themselves in Super Bowl

Although NFL is a sport team, it has made more opportunities to brighten by many individual players.

For example, Dallas Cowboys was a quarterback got the Super Bowl title in 3 times: 1993, 1994 and 1996. The next, Charles Hayley was voted as the best player during 1989 to 1996 seasons. Then Tom Brady as a great quarterback of the New England Patriots maintained the top ranking from 2002 to 2017.

The truth that, per individual player can reach unique achievement and success from the NFL.

5/ The most field goals by a NFL kicker

According to the record from the NFL, the most consecutive field goals are created by Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts USA with 44 scores in the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

Actually, this record is highest until now. He is excellent to overcome Mike Vanderjagt of Canada with 42 scores in 2002 to 2004 season.

6/ The most completions by a NFL quarterback

Another record for the most consecutive pass completions in a two-match span belonged to a NFL quarterback named after Ryan Tannehill from the Miami Dolphins with final 25 points

Ryan Tannehill was impressive to overcome the match against the Houston Texan in 2015 season. Although he was a quarterback, he could reach great achievements as a talented attacker.

This record is over the former Donovan McNabb from the Philadelphia Eagles in 2004 with 24 scores. Until now, the record of Ryan Tannehill should be kept for the best score in completions.

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Some amazing moments in NFL

NFL (standing for national football league) is one of the biggest and most favorite leagues in the USA. All the American people and players expect and welcome it annually.

Furthermore, the reputation and frame are still famous for worldwide.

In this article, we will collect and share some amazing moments about NFL as reference for football fans all over the world.

Following it if you are also a fan of football, particularly fans of NFL.

1/ Carson Wentz broke the record for a rookie

Carson Wentz has become the youngest player reach to 379 which is the most pass completions whereas he is only a new quarterback for the St. Louis Rams.

He is excellent to over the former record of Sam Bradford with 354 and become new symbol about the talented young.

Because NFL focus and encourage the young to football more. So, when a new quarterback can reach amazing achievement, he should be encouraged and treated as a lesson for anyone to follow.

2/ 25 is the largest points for a comeback

Until now, in a Super Bowl match, the largest point can reach is 25 which is kept and broke by the New England Patriots. This team is excellent to break the rule against the Atlanta Falcons in the NRG Stadium with the final score 28-3 down. Finally, they won with total 25 points. 

It is considered as the most achievement for a comeback of the Super Bowl.

3/ There is a heaviest NFL player to make a touchdown

Dontari Poe is voted for the heaviest NFL player in the NFL history when he is 346 pounds (about 156 kgs).

However, all people are surprised with his ability when he gets a rushing down when he plays for the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Diego Chargers.

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Great football experience you should try in the UK

The UK is country of football, therefore there are many historical events about football at there. If you are a fan of football, you should visit the UK at least one time to discover more culture and history related to football.

In this article, we share top great football experience you must see when visiting the UK. Following it to broaden more information about football.

5/ Visiting one pitch of a Premier league club

As far as we know, the Premier league is the top football champion in the UK but its frame is being spread all over the world. All fans of football love and follow this league annually.

Therefore, visiting one pitch of this league should be practiced when coming here. Sure that some valuable moments of football will recall your mind.

The fact that this service is not offered regularly. You only have some special cases in one year to get experience. It usually happens in the off season of the Premier league. Therefore, you should consider timetable when visiting there.

It’s great when you can stand on the pitch where your idols have ever appeared and performed excellently. Don’t forget to visit the changing room, the pre-game pep talks to discover some pictures, presents or stories listed in the history.

6/ Playing football in the river in Cotswolds

This is a football festival about football held in the River Windrush of Bourton. This river is peaceful and quiet in normal days but it becomes noisy and crowded in this event.

The local thinks that it is a way to bring luck and success in football for anyone immersing in the water. Because not many people dare to jump in the chilly water.

This event is organized in August annually and welcomed by all fans of football in the UK.

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Great football experience you should try in the UK

Visiting the UK brings a lot of useful experience for your knowledge. One of great thing you should discover is something related to football. As far as we know, the UK has a rich history about football in itself domestic area as well historical events in the world.

Therefore, checking in some locations about football will open your life better. Following our article, we share something you should try to do when travelling to the UK.

3/ Visiting the Scottish Football Museum in Glasgow

Related to football history of football north of the UK border, you should visit the Scottish Football Museum which is considered as the national stadium of Scotland but almost show and express football events in a long history.

At this museum, you can see some views the ticket of the oldest football match in the world which was played in Glasgow in 1897. It is a valuable item about the key event of football. 

Besides it, the museum also stores many items about collections and exhibits of other football events.

4/ Visiting the National Football Museum in Manchester

If you are a fan of Manchester in the Premier league, you shouldn’t miss this museum of the National Football located in Manchester. At this museum, it also focuses on items about Manchester as well other items of the national UK football team during the time such as the World Cup title in 1966 of the UK which was fascinated as a memorial event. Or the “Hand of God” shirt of star in the legend Diego Maradona.

In general, this museum is a must-see location for any fan of football. You will have chances to discover and recall international football event as well items/ prize/ trophies of the UK team and Manchester club.

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History in football in the UK

Football has a long history which is close with development of the society. Sometimes football plays an important in political strategies of one nation.

The UK football is a major part in the history of football from the beginning of first football matches, version of rules until football tournaments all over the world. We can see something important from the UK.

To clear detail about football in the UK, we summarize some major events during football history at there.

Early history in the UK football

The national English team was founded as one of the first national teams in the world, with Scotland. Until now, they are considered as the two oldest teams.

In 1870, the UK team was against the Scotland which remarked the first international football match. Since this event, the football team of England connected with other British teams to organize the British home championship. This event was appreciated as the perfect time to share and close every nations, every fans as well every footballers. In 1888, this was the first time the national English team won the championship at this tournament with 54 wins.

Beginning for the Championship in Olympics

As soon as the Olympics was founded including football, the UK football became a potential team for winning at every event. As forecasted, at the London summer Olympic in 1900, they won the first time to become the Champion after defeating France and Belgium. 

The UK team also represented for other nations in Great Britain to reach high achievement at one Olympics.

They continued to dominate the Olympics at the next tournaments until 1920, they were beaten surprisingly by the Norway team who was amateur players on this tournament. 

The loss made big arguments in the internal organization whether which reason led to failure of the UK team before a weaker opponent.

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Top the best athlete in sport in the UK

The UK is famous for a sport nation. Any road, corner or pavement you can see someone is playing sport. We can list some famous sports which the UK dominate in the top ranking like basketball, tennis, auto racing or golf.

In this article, we continue to discuss top the best players in sports of the UK. Following it if you are interested in discovery beauty and success in sport of this nation.

5/ Lennox Lewis

Lennox Lewis is a great heavyweight player during his era. He had a successful career within a heavyweight ring. In history, he had ever defeated many temporary champions such as Evander Holyfield, KO’d Mike Tyson or Vitali Klitschko to come to the winning.

In 1993, he reached WBC Heavyweight champion. Then he maintained this record until 199. There were shattering events of the world.

6/ Steve Redgrave

Rowing is a strength of the UK when they have ever got many golds in Olympics. Steve Redgrave is the first rower repeated when we refer to rowing.

He had 16 years to be close with rowing career. So, he joined five consecutive games and receiving many glorious medals for him and the UK team, especially at the Olympic events.

Besides achievements in Olympics, he also reached three golds in the Commonwealth Games and nine golds in the World Championship.

7/ Chris Hoy

Moving to cycling, we have Chris Hoy who is considered as the greatest cyclist of the UK. Many medal records during his career can express all instead of wording, including six golds in Olympic, two golds in Commonwealth and 11 golds in the World Championship.

He had big effort to transform cycling as a professional sport besides a hobby in daily life. He inspired positive energy for new generation to access to pro cycling seriously.

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Top the best athlete in sport in the UK

The UK own a wide range of athletes in sports, especially they are strong and developed in almost sports. In this article, we continue to share top the best sport players at there. If you are caring to culture- sport-growth overall in this UK, you should follow our article. In general, sport is a major aspect to express special points in culture.

In the article, we have ever referred to Bobby Moore in football and Lord Coe in running. Now, we will discuss other names in auto racing and golf.

3/ Sir Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart is one of the greatest racing drivers in the UK, especially in the era with series of accidents and injuries of racing because of lack in technology and safety features. He is still outstanding and famous as a hero.

During his auto racing, he had total 3 titles in the UL Champions, won 27 race and 43 podiums.

His performance was extremely impressive and made more inspiration to new driver about strength, power and confidence of a men.

4/ Sir Nick Faldo

Nick Faldo is still considered as one of the most successful golfers in this nation when he owned series of trophies and titles such as 3 times for the Open Championships, 3 times for Master tournaments. He also was voted for the highest player in the ranking.

In general, he dominated his era in 19th century at the UK.

Especially, he also jointed the European Ryder Cup with his national team within 11 times. Then as a good result, he won and was voted for the successful player.

These titles were important and remarkable because it broke an eternal dominance of the USA during many times. This achievement deserved to be praise as heroes of the UK.

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