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English football tournament you should follow (Part 3)

Here we continue to introduce some famous football tournaments in the UK.

As shared from the former article, the UK has series of professional competitions which is well-known with everyone in the world like the FA Cup, the Football League Cup. Now, we will discuss another competition which is extremely developed and prestigious in the UK, called as the Premier League.

3, The Premier League

The first time of the Premier League was established in 1992 by the First Division of Football league. The purpose of tournament was to create new working environment for all clubs in the UK so that they can practice and improve their skills as well develop football more professionally. Whereas other clubs in Spain and Italia became stronger and usually kept high position in the continental competitions.

This event is also called as Barclay Premier League because it has been sponsored by Barclays Bank in many years.

The Premier League’s establishment had some meanings in growth of football. It was considered as splitting top top-level clubs and the second level clubs. In one season, some worst teams should be relegated to the second high class. And some best teams from the second level would replace each other. It made more terrible and serious for any team who wanted to keep in the next season. Further, it also expressed equality for all clubs.

According to the detail schedule, one season has 20 teams and has two matches in the home and away stadium to find the better team. so, there are total 380 games in the playoff. In the end of season, which team has the highest points in the ranking, they will become Championship.

Until now, there are some major teams to reach the winner in Premier League, including Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham.

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Great football experience you should try in the UK

Football is a great sport in the UK. They always are proud that football has origin from their nation. Therefore, football is a part of daily life, culture as well customs at there. The Government is really smart when taking advantage of this strength to attract more visitors to come to push the tourist better and faster.

In this article, we collect top the greatest football experience you shouldn’t miss when going to the UK.

1/ Visit to Wembley Stadium in Wembley, London

The UK is famous for series of large stadiums in throughout the country. One of the best stadium you should visit is Wembley Stadium located in Wembley. It is regarded as good stadium to celebrate and express history events in the UK history.

To discover all places in this stadium, you can book a full tour including seeing the dressing room, player’s tunnel or some perfect views for checking. It looks interesting.

Coming this stadium, you also feel the tension of many international football events before someone reach the trophy or imagine about battles of FA Cup, Premier Leagues. Furthermore, it has more spaces to check in and take a rest comfortably.

2/ Visit the stadium to walk in the footsteps of the greats

Football is the king of all sports in the UK. As a good result, there are many stars and talented in football coming from this nation. We also see top the best clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Celtic, Chelsea, Newcastle always own and transfer among players up to millions of dollars. Therefore, they own many fans from all over the world.

To focus on tourist, the Government have built stadium and museums of per club at their host city. You should book a stadium tour to visit the footsteps of the greats. At there, they also show many pictures of footballers, head coach as well trophies and medal of team at per league.

You also visit the dressing room of players to understand more traditions of the fascinating history.

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Top the best athlete in sport in the UK

The UK always are famous with strength and achievement in sport. This nation is owning a huge number of great athletes in almost field of sport such as football, tennis, hockey so on.

To understand more detail about sports in the UK, we share top the best players at there. Following it if you are a fan of the UK. Actually, sport is an important aspect to discover more culture in the UK.

1/ Bobby Moore

Both life and career of Bobby Moore have become legend because he is considered as one of the most talented players in the UK with many trophies and achievements.

He was a footballer player for the national team and a captain of the West Ham club in a decade. He played at the defender during his career. He was the key person to inspire his teammate to reach the triumph in World Cup which made incredible event in his career.

Estimated that he had 108 times to wear national uniform and every time he was present in the field, he always expressed and played the most energy.

In 1993, all the UK people were disappointed and sad when he was died. Because the local felt sorry for a talented in the legend of this country.

2/ Lord Coe

Lord Coe was the greatest middle-distance runner in the UK as well in the world. He was an excellent player in the 1500 meters at the Olympics in 1980 and 1984. He kept the records for many fields such as 800m and 1000m.

He also was a potential person to share inspiration to the next generation about ability and passion for the athletics track.

Coe continued to express himself by overseeing the Olympic Game in 2012 held in London. He was extremely successful in this new role.

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Top greatest football stadiums in the UK

Football is the king of all sports in the UK. They always are proud that their nation are home of football with a long history. Therefore, almost city in the UK has invested to build up football stadium to serve international football leagues such as the Premier Champion, The Euro Cup.

In this article, we share top the greatest football stadiums in this nation. The ranking is counted on area, equipment as well historical events throughout the nation.

2/ The city ground

The city ground is owned by the Nottingham Forest FC which is well-known with the wealth and richness. It is located on the bank of the River Trent, it has good views from many corners of this stadium.

According to paper, it was built in 1898, then rebuilt and add more space from 1980s to 1990s. Then it is maintained all equipment until now.

In 1996, this stadium was proud when it was chosen to organize the Euro Cup. This event attracted millions of football fans from all over the world. After this event, the city ground was highly appreciated because of their professional service and large space to cover the big number of spectators. Almost people visit here then are interested in the lovely views when they see from the stadium to the river.

3/ Villa Park

Villa Park is under management of Aston Villa FC. It is one of two host pitch of this FC. It is usually chosen to host big events related to Villa FC.

It was established in 1897, then it was destroyed and replaced by other purposes. It only was recovered in 1994 with investment about quality and service.

Until now, Villa Part is recommended as one of the top places you should visit when going to the UK.

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Review about Cheltenham festival

The Cheltenham festival is one of the most important events in the national horse race which is organized in Cheltenham racecourse. If you are fan of horse race sport, you should know about this festival. It is one of the most favorite jumping races.

As the rule of national hunt, Cheltenham is held annually every March at the Prestbury park. The truth that it is the first place to be chosen for this festival and it exits and maintains until nowadays. So, you can know why this race is beloved like this.

Racing in Cheltenham before having the Cheltenham festival

Before becoming a place to host for Cheltenham, this race was used to organize some less reputable races from Prestbury Park area to Cleeve Hill. Almost they were series of flat races.

The founder wanted to change this status because he saw Cheltenham racecourse had enough conditions to become a professional race. So they decided to raise budget and establish Cheltenham festival with hopes that it became popular and famous in horse race field.

Racing in Cheltenham after hosting the Cheltenham festival

As a good consequence, Cheltenham decided to host a horse race in 1898 which was the first official race at there. It received good feedbacks as well welcomes from spectators to continue to develop the next festivals in the next years.

During history of Cheltenham, it has several times to change locations around this area. In 1904, it was moved to Prestbury park. Then some successive years, it continued to change places at Market Harborough. The reason of changes was to find the best condition to organize racecourses professionally.

The most crucial event was 1911 when they established the National Hunt Chase. It was the last time for moving permanently. This racecourse was considered one of the most prestigious race in the world until now.

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Top the best footballer in the UK all time

Stars in football always make deep impression to fans. Because they have outstanding talents in performance or good appearance and body.

In this article, we share top the greatest footballer in the UK football history. The UK is well-known as home of football because they have ever owned many talents.

To have a final ranking is not easy as well has still discrepancies when we see other hundreds of good footballers. So, we try to compare their break record as well overview all achievements and titles they have reached in their career.

3/ Billy Wright

He played at a central defender in Wolverhampton Wanderers. He was close with this club during his career.

People know to him as a special running man when he could practice long unbroken runs compared other competitive runners. Even he was easy to overcome other rivals smartly.

In general, he reached three times for Frist Division rewards in 1954- 1958 and 1959 season, one title for FA Cup in 1949 so on.

4/ Bryan Robson

He started his professional football career in 1972 at the West Bromwich Albion club. Then he moved to Manchester United and expressed his glistering performance.

At MU, he won 2 titles for the Premier League, 3 titles for FA Cups and 2 title for FA Charity Shield. Especially, he won the European Cup in 1991. Actually, his career could brighten at MU with list of achievements.

5/ Gerrard

Gerrard played most of career in caption of Liverpool. The debut was in 1998 then made deeply impression with coaches and fans.

Estimated that he won two title is FA Cups, three titles in League Cups, one title in UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, FA Community Shield, and UEFA Super Cup with Liverpool. By awards ranking, he has been ever considered as the greatest player in Liverpool.

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Top popular sports in the UK

The UK is famous for many modern sports. The local usually enjoy outdoor activities and sports in their daily lives because it brings health and fitness benefits.

In this article, we continue to refer top popular sports in the UK. If you tend to travel or go abroad for study in the UK, you should read the followings to adapt this nation simply.

In the last article, we refer netball, ice hockey and rowing. Now the ranking includes in swimming, badminton and tennis.

4/ Swimming

There are many U.K people enjoy swimming. So many international stars in the world come from the U.K. In general, the local are proud of swimming’s achievements in international tournaments.

The British Olympic Association is an affiliate of the international swimming association to take care and manage swimming competitions in the global.

5/ Badminton  

Badminton is granted as one of the oldest sports in the world. At the UK, it has a long history. Therefore, it is considered as valuable heritage.

The Badminton association was established in 1893 which manages and is responsible for growth of this sport, including professional athletes and normal players in daily lives.

In this nation, they build up badminton clubs and stadium to serve people joining it conveniently.

6/ Tennis

Tennis is also on top one the most favorite sports in the UK. If you are not a England person, you can still hear about some tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon, the Lawn tennis.

Almost the U.K tennis tournaments attracts both sports fans and sport critics. Every year, many visitors come to the U.K to cheer up live matches of famous leagues. It is the greatest way do business effectively. In this nation, there are many stars with high salary from playing tennis. It is one of reason to push more and more people to play tennis daily.

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