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Basic rules in baseball (Part 3)

In the following article, we will share the remain rules in baseball.

According to two former articles, we introduced object, equipment, players as well way to make scores in baseball. Now, we share basic rules which are applied at almost nations and baseball leagues.

1, In baseball, there are two teams with 9 players in each team.

2, In a fielding team, arrangement should be organized like: one pitcher, one catcher, one shortstop, three basemen, three outfielders in the left field, one center field and one right field.

The remain team is a batting team. They take turn to complete the batting.

3, There are 9 innings for two teams. After 9 innings but two teams are draw, there are some extra innings until finding the final winner.

In case, the batting team goes ahead about points in the 9thinning, they don’t need to take their turn. They will become the winner.

4, Once one order of batting is publicized, it can’t change anymore during the game.

Except substitutes are allowed as long as they follow turn of the former players whom they replace before.

5, Once batter hits ball from pitchers, immediately they go to the at least one base. Then they can run to any base as they expect. This action will finish when they are tagged out. 

To tag out legally, the tagger needs to touch to any part of batter’s body.

6, A batter has maximum three strikes before he gets out. 

He can leave ball within the strike zone, then he makes a strike.

If after four strikes are missed, he can’t swing the bat and walk to the first base to wait for a new turn.

The round will be continued with the next batter until the batting team finish all turns.

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