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Top the most favorite sports in the UK (Part 1)

The UK is well-known as a home of sports when they dominate many sports in top ranking like football, rugby, tennis. Not only professional athletes but also the local enjoy playing and watching sports as good daily habits.

It’s the reason why the UK own numerous achievements in the international stage.

In this article, we collect some famous sports loved and developed strongly in the UK. Whether your preference is familiar with the UK local. Following our ranking.

1, Football

Football is famous in the UK. The fact, it is also the most popular sport in the world. At the UK, there are many domestic and international leagues hold and organized like the Premier league, the Europe cup…

We also know many famous names of football clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal so on. They are well-known as well successful at the international events.

According to development of football, many bookmakers and betting companies do business through placing wager. This is considered as a potential industry at the UK.

Football is loved by the local when they usually organize football events at school or offices. Any England is proud of success of football.

2, Cricket

Cricket is a popular sport in the summer. It’s great to go enjoy outside activities with teamwork. You feel comfortable and relaxing when playing cricket.

It’s easy to understand why the UK love playing cricket like this. The first, cricket has a long time at there. Some documents say that the UK is original of cricket. So, any local considers it as a national sport. The second, the national cricket team usually reach good achievements at international events like ICC to bring victories for their nation. Although they work hard to overcome strong teams from India, Australia. It contributes to increase favorite and passion for cricket.

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Top the best horse races in the UK (Final part)

As introduced from the former article, visiting some horse races at racecourses in the UK is one of the most favorite way to discover more about culture, custom as well lifestyle of the locals. Because the UK is a national home of horse races, so there are series of famous racecourses at there.

Although nowadays people prefer to place on bet through online betting, many people want to go the racecourse to cheer up or make wagers. It brings realistic feeling about one match. 

So, when visiting the UK, you shouldn’t miss big horse races. Assure that you improve more knowledge about this nation. 

In this article, we continue to share other famous racecourses in the UK. They can be famous due to their reputation, frame or quality of horse races.

They are which destinations? Following our ranking.

6, Champions Day

The champions day takes place at Ascot. It’s considered as a prestigious flat horse races in the UK. So, it attacks millions of spectators throughout the nation to visit. 

Although it only takes a short time, but revenue in one business day is on the top highest profit in any racecourse. In the last year, it was on average of $4 million revenue on day. 

To maximum profit, they are risky to offer big prizes for winners as well reasonable odd rates for bettors. 

To be allowed to come inside, you are required to wear white dress smartly or any clothe suiting meaning of October in Ascot racecourse.

7, Racing Post Trophy

This is the last horse race in the ranking. It is established in the end of year, from Oct to Nov at Doncaster racecourse. 

It is a flat race with a reasonable ticket. However, you need to book it in advance for reservation because ticket is sold out fast.

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Top the best horse races in the UK (Part 2)

The UK is famous for horse races during long history. The fact, it is considered as a part of history and traditions. So, many foreign people visit horse races to feel sincerely about lifestyle as well customs in the UK.

In this article, we continue to share top greates horse races you should discover in the UK at least one time if possible. There are many interesting stories around these racetracks.

3, Epsom Derby

Epsom Derby is a real festival for the ladies in the UK. All ladies would wear beautiful dresses then be invited to join the party with music, food as well celebrities. It’s also called as a great summer holiday.

At the end of race, the Queen will notify who is the best-dressed prize for one lazy. She will receive big prize with pride and happiness.

Then, the following day, all people can see and place on bets of Derby Day. This is highly aprreciated as the greatest flat race in the world. All the best horses will be used and showed for the final event under expectation of everyone.

4, Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham Festival has far frame for anyone loving horse races in the worldwide. It is known as the festival because it collects series of talented jockeys and greate horses to battle. They will compete to reach the big prize for winners. So, all racers hope to do victory.

Annually, there are over 260,000 people to join this event with average revenue of $4 millions. 

This race is decribed as Hall of frame when many racers or bettors become rich as soon as winning the race.

5, Scottish Grand National

This race can serve large families as well the young to encourge love for animal. It is one of rare races allowing all kids to go with their parents.

This races include eight races being over 4 miles and 27 fences.

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Top the best horse races in the UK (Part 1)

The UK is famous for sport nation. One of the most favorite sport is horse race. The fact, horse race is considered as the oldest sport in the world because it has a long history from the ancient time. Then it has been continued to maintain and develop until nowadays.

In this article, we share top the best horse racing events you should enjoy when visiting the UK. You can discover new things about culture of the UK through the following events.

1, Aintree Grand National

Aintree Grand National was established in the first time in 1839. Then it becomes one of the most reliable event about horse racing.

Estimated it serves 600 million people to buy ticket and cheer up annually. The racecourse is famous for 30 fences and 40 rivals in one festival.

Besides watching horse, the racecourse also serves other services like restaurants, hospitality tents which are convenient for some watchers to join activities in night.

On average, ticket costs £57 for one match. However, it is sold out fast, you need to book it in advance as soon as possible. 

2, The Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot is annually held in June. This race looks like a festival for all people to visit and have a party together.

In the past, people would wear well-dressed to join this event, including men, women and children. All people feltexpecting and interesting.

Estimated that the Royal Ascot has ever received over £6 millionin per season. Even, the Queen has ever joined this event every year as her annualy habit. This means popularity of this racecourse is becoming various and developed widely, not only in the domestic area in the UK, but also the foreigner from all over the world.

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Basic rules in baseball (Part 3)

In the following article, we will share the remain rules in baseball.

According to two former articles, we introduced object, equipment, players as well way to make scores in baseball. Now, we share basic rules which are applied at almost nations and baseball leagues.

1, In baseball, there are two teams with 9 players in each team.

2, In a fielding team, arrangement should be organized like: one pitcher, one catcher, one shortstop, three basemen, three outfielders in the left field, one center field and one right field.

The remain team is a batting team. They take turn to complete the batting.

3, There are 9 innings for two teams. After 9 innings but two teams are draw, there are some extra innings until finding the final winner.

In case, the batting team goes ahead about points in the 9thinning, they don’t need to take their turn. They will become the winner.

4, Once one order of batting is publicized, it can’t change anymore during the game.

Except substitutes are allowed as long as they follow turn of the former players whom they replace before.

5, Once batter hits ball from pitchers, immediately they go to the at least one base. Then they can run to any base as they expect. This action will finish when they are tagged out. 

To tag out legally, the tagger needs to touch to any part of batter’s body.

6, A batter has maximum three strikes before he gets out. 

He can leave ball within the strike zone, then he makes a strike.

If after four strikes are missed, he can’t swing the bat and walk to the first base to wait for a new turn.

The round will be continued with the next batter until the batting team finish all turns.

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Basic rules in baseball (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share top basic rules to play baseball well.

According to the former article, we have ever known that baseball is a favorite team sport with simple rules. 

As long as you follow our instruction, you can start this game with your friend fast.

Now, we discuss how to score in baseball

As sharing, once finishing a match, which team reaches more score legally, they will become winners. But how to score well and correctly in baseball. This step is extremely important.

To make one score, a batter hit ball fastest into the designated area then run around four bases. This action is faster and faster before the fielding team runs forward batter to throw ball to another batter in their team.

Another way, batter can make a mandatory point by hitting a home run. He has the right to stop and hit anytime he think he can’t make it correctly to the next turn. If ball is correct, he can score one point.

To score more points, maximum 4 points, batter can hit at another base. It includes in the first base for the first batter, the second and the third base for players accordingly. Per time overcomes one base, they earn one point for their team. Total has 4 times to make 4 scores.

In general, earning one point is the easiest. But the higher level, it can bring more points to access winning. Therefore, depending on other strategies, batters will use other ways to make scores properly.

The next, how to win the game

To win a game, one team will overcome the opponent team through 9 innings. After this time, we can determine the winner.

If which team has more scores, they are winners. 

In case of having a tie, there are extra innings until finding the winner, the inning will finish.

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Basic rules in baseball (Part 1)

Baseball is one of the most favorite game in the UK. It’s normal when you see some stadium for baseball or any baseball tournament in this nation.

Although this sport is not extremely famous and well-known as football, tennis, it’s a favorite choice of several groups in the UK.

To understand more about culture in there, we share major rules in this game. After our sharing, you can imagine something about this sport.

Although baseball has not origin from the UK, it has growth strongly at there when pinnacles and international events have been organized in the UK, through the World Series of Baseball.

About object, players need to make more and more scores by hitting ball and running around the bases within 4 times. It finishes a turn officially. They need to do it faster than their opponents. Then another player will take the next step.

According to rules in the UK, there are two teams in one match while per team has 9 teammates.

There are total 9 rounds, per team has alternated between two positions: batting and fielding in turn. After 9 rounds, the team points will correct the final points by total points of end of the innings. 

In general, per team has three time for inning before they practice the changes of batting or fielding position. In per inning, it should be divided into the top (for the guest team) and the bottom (for the home team).

The next, rules in the field. There are two parts: infield and outfield, distinguishing by the diamond shape with four bases at 90 feet. In the center, there is a pitching mound where players stand and throw ball to other teammates. To score a point, player needs to overcome three bases, then run to the line to reach a score successfully.

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Some amazing moments in NFL

NFL is one of the most popular sport events in the USA. Furthermore, it is welcomed and followed by many foreign fans in the world. They are attacked by interest, excitement as well passion to perform the most of players.

In this article, we continue to share some amazing moments in NFL. These ranking can be not the best record in NFL, but these moments contribute to fill in a beautiful picture about this event.

So, it’s deserved to share for any fans of NFL.

7, Player breaks the record about rushing, receiving and kicking ball 

These achievements are amazing, even impossible for any player because it requires some complicated skills to complete. However, one player can do it to create new record in NFL history.

In the season 2017-2018, Dion Lewis bring the USA became the first player to reach three actions at the same a match. It includes rushing, receiving and kicking for the touchdown. The special thing was these performances to be acted in a game whereas three actions offer different skills. 

This achievement become strange when it was taken by one player and one a match. The truth that, he was extremely talented to reach the best performance. 

Finally, his team- the New England Patriots was over 31-16 against the Houston Texans.

8, Who is the youngest coach in NFL

The fact, coach plays an important role to make proper strategies for team. 

As transfer of players annually, coaches are usually publicized to transfer from this club to other clubs.

During history of NFL, Sir Sean McVay was the youngest head coach since 1986 until now. He started this mission when his age was 30. His youth and passion, he could over the head coach in the second- Lance Kiffin when he started this job in 31 years old.

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Some amazing moments in NFL

In this article, we continue to collect some amazing moments in NFL which is the most favorite football festival in the USA.

If you are a royal fan of NFL, you shouldn’t miss some memorial moments. Maybe it can recall you some stories related these following events.

4/ Almost individual players brighten by themselves in Super Bowl

Although NFL is a sport team, it has made more opportunities to brighten by many individual players.

For example, Dallas Cowboys was a quarterback got the Super Bowl title in 3 times: 1993, 1994 and 1996. The next, Charles Hayley was voted as the best player during 1989 to 1996 seasons. Then Tom Brady as a great quarterback of the New England Patriots maintained the top ranking from 2002 to 2017.

The truth that, per individual player can reach unique achievement and success from the NFL.

5/ The most field goals by a NFL kicker

According to the record from the NFL, the most consecutive field goals are created by Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts USA with 44 scores in the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

Actually, this record is highest until now. He is excellent to overcome Mike Vanderjagt of Canada with 42 scores in 2002 to 2004 season.

6/ The most completions by a NFL quarterback

Another record for the most consecutive pass completions in a two-match span belonged to a NFL quarterback named after Ryan Tannehill from the Miami Dolphins with final 25 points

Ryan Tannehill was impressive to overcome the match against the Houston Texan in 2015 season. Although he was a quarterback, he could reach great achievements as a talented attacker.

This record is over the former Donovan McNabb from the Philadelphia Eagles in 2004 with 24 scores. Until now, the record of Ryan Tannehill should be kept for the best score in completions.

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Some amazing moments in NFL

NFL (standing for national football league) is one of the biggest and most favorite leagues in the USA. All the American people and players expect and welcome it annually.

Furthermore, the reputation and frame are still famous for worldwide.

In this article, we will collect and share some amazing moments about NFL as reference for football fans all over the world.

Following it if you are also a fan of football, particularly fans of NFL.

1/ Carson Wentz broke the record for a rookie

Carson Wentz has become the youngest player reach to 379 which is the most pass completions whereas he is only a new quarterback for the St. Louis Rams.

He is excellent to over the former record of Sam Bradford with 354 and become new symbol about the talented young.

Because NFL focus and encourage the young to football more. So, when a new quarterback can reach amazing achievement, he should be encouraged and treated as a lesson for anyone to follow.

2/ 25 is the largest points for a comeback

Until now, in a Super Bowl match, the largest point can reach is 25 which is kept and broke by the New England Patriots. This team is excellent to break the rule against the Atlanta Falcons in the NRG Stadium with the final score 28-3 down. Finally, they won with total 25 points. 

It is considered as the most achievement for a comeback of the Super Bowl.

3/ There is a heaviest NFL player to make a touchdown

Dontari Poe is voted for the heaviest NFL player in the NFL history when he is 346 pounds (about 156 kgs).

However, all people are surprised with his ability when he gets a rushing down when he plays for the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Diego Chargers.

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