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Introduction about FA Cup (Part 2)

FA Cup is famous for the UK as one of the most prestigious football competition.

In this article, we continue to share major events about origins and growth of this league.

3, All Round at FA Cup

Asshared in the former article, the round of FA Cup is organized professionally and carefully to make the legal and right for all clubs in the UK.

The fourth round will start for a new season. Estimated there are 64 teams from all over the nations to be registered and joined officially.

After closing the four round, they will find 32 better teams to go the third round. At there, per team will play seriously to get a ticket to the second round. Every weak, there are series of matches organized. Per team will have two turns at the host stadium and guest stadium, then find the team is winner and go to the next round. So, after two matches, they are compulsory to find the winner through extra-time or penalties. In general, per team will try the best and not allowed to make mistake, if not they can’t go the further round.

As soon as finishing the third round with contribution of 32 rounds, they will go to the second round to find only 20 teams for the last round. If any club has achievements in the Championship or the Premier League or the Europa League, they will have more opportunity to go the next round easily.

Because of serious feature, FA Cup requires high concentration from footballer. All rounds will be organized annually from January to end of year, so football clubs have more time to practice and build up new strategies for the next match. This is convenience to increase profession and high-quality of the competition.

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Introduction about FA Cup (Part 1)

Among series of famous football competitions in the UK, FA Cup is considered as the most well-known domestic event which is loved and followed by millions of fans around the world.

In this article, weshare some stories about FA Cup.

Firstly, overview about FA Cup

FA Cup is organized and managed by the UK football association. It is named after simply but it still brings genuine and impression for spectators.

As the schedule, this event will talke place in the end of year. Another way, it is the last competition held in one year. So, it is always expected and employed strictly from former competitions.

Another special character, FA Cup is held in the Wembley Stadium which is the biggest place in the UK. Actually, FA Cup is invested carefully about quality of members as well infrastructure to develop its frame strongly.

Before starting one competition, the association should prepare various round draws to collect top the best teams. They also give guideline detail about sponsorship, stadiums, competition format or updated rules so that it makes more interesting for every fan to enjoy this event.

Even, many foreign visitors come the UK as travel to cheer up the final match of FA Cup. The fact that its frame and spreading are admiring for any event in the world.

Qualifcation about FA Cup

To make glory and success for FA Cup, they focus on building up qualification before organization one event.

There are some factors to determine whether this club has the right to join the event or not.

Depending on rules of per season, it can be updated in early of year.

For example, the club is compulsory to join the FA trophy or the FA cup in the last year. Or they overcome the level 1-4 from the Premier league and the Football league so on.

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English football tournament you should follow (Part 3)

Here we continue to introduce some famous football tournaments in the UK.

As shared from the former article, the UK has series of professional competitions which is well-known with everyone in the world like the FA Cup, the Football League Cup. Now, we will discuss another competition which is extremely developed and prestigious in the UK, called as the Premier League.

3, The Premier League

The first time of the Premier League was established in 1992 by the First Division of Football league. The purpose of tournament was to create new working environment for all clubs in the UK so that they can practice and improve their skills as well develop football more professionally. Whereas other clubs in Spain and Italia became stronger and usually kept high position in the continental competitions.

This event is also called as Barclay Premier League because it has been sponsored by Barclays Bank in many years.

The Premier League’s establishment had some meanings in growth of football. It was considered as splitting top top-level clubs and the second level clubs. In one season, some worst teams should be relegated to the second high class. And some best teams from the second level would replace each other. It made more terrible and serious for any team who wanted to keep in the next season. Further, it also expressed equality for all clubs.

According to the detail schedule, one season has 20 teams and has two matches in the home and away stadium to find the better team. so, there are total 380 games in the playoff. In the end of season, which team has the highest points in the ranking, they will become Championship.

Until now, there are some major teams to reach the winner in Premier League, including Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham.

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English football tournament you should follow (Part 2)

As introduced from the former article, English is well-known as a football nation with series of domestic tournaments.

Many English football competitions are followed by millions of football fans all over the world. So, many operators and businessman can do commercial transactions in football at there.

Now, we continue to share famous football tournaments for your reference. It’s great for someone loving the UK football and follow it fluently.

In the previous article, we refer to FA Cup which is top high-class tournament for all football clubs in the UK. Now, we discuss other tournaments.

2, The Football League Cup

The Football League Cup stands for EFL Cup which is served for any members in the Football League.

In general, it is a knockout competition when per team has only one opportunity to receive an official ticket into the further round. Once compared with FA Cup, it is considered as lesser because it is focused more technically while FA Cup limits some top-high clubs to join its tournament.

EFL was founded in the first match in 1960-1961 season, then decided to be held every year, as well FA Cup or the Premier League.

After these two events, EFL is ranked the third top-tier for one domestic football event. However, it was usually changed name due to requirements of sponsorship. The latest name of this event was the Capital One Cup.

During history of EFL, the biggest event was to collect all 92 teams in the English football league to participate. 

As annual schedule, it is held in early Fed, before starting the Premier League and FA Cup organized in May. So, some clubs consider EFL Cup as the first target to conquer in one season. So, it is welcomed and registered by many famous clubs throughout the UK.

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English football tournament you should follow (Part 1)

English is famous for a football nation when there are many activities about football at this nation, such as: football is one of the most favorite sport in daily life, training football is focused and reached good effects, football betting becomes an industry for many bookmakers or there are series of domestic football tournaments hold annually so on.

The fact, people in the world are well-known about football through domestic tournaments. Today, we collect some majorly prestigious football competitions in the UK for your reference. If you love football or prefer to discover about this beautiful nation, you should know about the following famous tournaments.

1, FA CUP 

FA Cup is the oldest competition in the UK established since 1871 season and continues to maintain until nowadays.

FA Cup includes in female and male competition. But above all, FA cup for men is more famous in the global due to its inclusiveness.

According to technical term, it is available opportunity for any of ten tiers which stretches from the Premier league to the Football league and the National league. Any team has the right to join FA Cup and pick up the trophy. Although it’s impossible for a weak team to go the Champions but it pushes their feeling and spirits of smaller teams that they have the same right to become winners if they really try the best. So, the meaning of FA Cup is encouraged to develop and spread to other competitions.

About schedule, FA Cup has total initial six rounds to find 32 the best teams for the next round. All nearly 100 teams from other competitions will face to face to find winner of the round. It’s a strict knockout. 

Some teams in the high ranking of the Premier league and Championship side have priority to go the third round without competing with any team in knockout round.The final match will be organized at Wembley. The winner of FA Cup will be invited to join the FA community shield to be against the winner of Premier league in the same season

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Top the most favorite sports in the UK (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to discuss top the most favorite sports in the UK for your reference. If you visit the UK, you can’t miss to discover or witness the following sports because it can express a part of the daily life for the UK.

From the former article, we refer two most famous sports at there: football and cricket. Now, we will check list other sports.

3, Rugby

Someone has mindset that the UK is the home of rugby due to its popularity. The fact, this sport is encouraged to play widely by the Government. Some places like the North West England, Yorkshire or Cumbria are ready to welcome this game as positive working.

In the first period of rugby, this sport is not really welcome because it is only served for the elite people. Then it is adjusted and changed to adopt to all walks of life.

So, everyone in the UK can play rugby comfortably anywhere. 

4, Tennis

Tennis is another popular game in the UK. Not only popularity as a daily game, this sport also reaches series of achievements at the international ranking. 

In the UK, it is well-known as the Wimbledon located in London since 1877 and still developed until nowadays.

Annually, the UK can earn millions of dollars from selling ticket and serving tourist for foreign fans to visit the Wimbledon. Estimated that tennis in the UK attracts millions of visitors in every year for cheering up some international tennis tournament at the UK.

5, Badminton

Badminton is considered as valuable heritage in the UK. The fact, the UK badminton association plays also an important role in management and development of the International Badminton Federation. They support and help other nations to train and organize professional badminton tournament.

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Top the most favorite sports in the UK (Part 1)

The UK is well-known as a home of sports when they dominate many sports in top ranking like football, rugby, tennis. Not only professional athletes but also the local enjoy playing and watching sports as good daily habits.

It’s the reason why the UK own numerous achievements in the international stage.

In this article, we collect some famous sports loved and developed strongly in the UK. Whether your preference is familiar with the UK local. Following our ranking.

1, Football

Football is famous in the UK. The fact, it is also the most popular sport in the world. At the UK, there are many domestic and international leagues hold and organized like the Premier league, the Europe cup…

We also know many famous names of football clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal so on. They are well-known as well successful at the international events.

According to development of football, many bookmakers and betting companies do business through placing wager. This is considered as a potential industry at the UK.

Football is loved by the local when they usually organize football events at school or offices. Any England is proud of success of football.

2, Cricket

Cricket is a popular sport in the summer. It’s great to go enjoy outside activities with teamwork. You feel comfortable and relaxing when playing cricket.

It’s easy to understand why the UK love playing cricket like this. The first, cricket has a long time at there. Some documents say that the UK is original of cricket. So, any local considers it as a national sport. The second, the national cricket team usually reach good achievements at international events like ICC to bring victories for their nation. Although they work hard to overcome strong teams from India, Australia. It contributes to increase favorite and passion for cricket.

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Top the best horse races in the UK (Final part)

As introduced from the former article, visiting some horse races at racecourses in the UK is one of the most favorite way to discover more about culture, custom as well lifestyle of the locals. Because the UK is a national home of horse races, so there are series of famous racecourses at there.

Although nowadays people prefer to place on bet through online betting, many people want to go the racecourse to cheer up or make wagers. It brings realistic feeling about one match. 

So, when visiting the UK, you shouldn’t miss big horse races. Assure that you improve more knowledge about this nation. 

In this article, we continue to share other famous racecourses in the UK. They can be famous due to their reputation, frame or quality of horse races.

They are which destinations? Following our ranking.

6, Champions Day

The champions day takes place at Ascot. It’s considered as a prestigious flat horse races in the UK. So, it attacks millions of spectators throughout the nation to visit. 

Although it only takes a short time, but revenue in one business day is on the top highest profit in any racecourse. In the last year, it was on average of $4 million revenue on day. 

To maximum profit, they are risky to offer big prizes for winners as well reasonable odd rates for bettors. 

To be allowed to come inside, you are required to wear white dress smartly or any clothe suiting meaning of October in Ascot racecourse.

7, Racing Post Trophy

This is the last horse race in the ranking. It is established in the end of year, from Oct to Nov at Doncaster racecourse. 

It is a flat race with a reasonable ticket. However, you need to book it in advance for reservation because ticket is sold out fast.

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Top the best horse races in the UK (Part 2)

The UK is famous for horse races during long history. The fact, it is considered as a part of history and traditions. So, many foreign people visit horse races to feel sincerely about lifestyle as well customs in the UK.

In this article, we continue to share top greates horse races you should discover in the UK at least one time if possible. There are many interesting stories around these racetracks.

3, Epsom Derby

Epsom Derby is a real festival for the ladies in the UK. All ladies would wear beautiful dresses then be invited to join the party with music, food as well celebrities. It’s also called as a great summer holiday.

At the end of race, the Queen will notify who is the best-dressed prize for one lazy. She will receive big prize with pride and happiness.

Then, the following day, all people can see and place on bets of Derby Day. This is highly aprreciated as the greatest flat race in the world. All the best horses will be used and showed for the final event under expectation of everyone.

4, Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham Festival has far frame for anyone loving horse races in the worldwide. It is known as the festival because it collects series of talented jockeys and greate horses to battle. They will compete to reach the big prize for winners. So, all racers hope to do victory.

Annually, there are over 260,000 people to join this event with average revenue of $4 millions. 

This race is decribed as Hall of frame when many racers or bettors become rich as soon as winning the race.

5, Scottish Grand National

This race can serve large families as well the young to encourge love for animal. It is one of rare races allowing all kids to go with their parents.

This races include eight races being over 4 miles and 27 fences.

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Top the best horse races in the UK (Part 1)

The UK is famous for sport nation. One of the most favorite sport is horse race. The fact, horse race is considered as the oldest sport in the world because it has a long history from the ancient time. Then it has been continued to maintain and develop until nowadays.

In this article, we share top the best horse racing events you should enjoy when visiting the UK. You can discover new things about culture of the UK through the following events.

1, Aintree Grand National

Aintree Grand National was established in the first time in 1839. Then it becomes one of the most reliable event about horse racing.

Estimated it serves 600 million people to buy ticket and cheer up annually. The racecourse is famous for 30 fences and 40 rivals in one festival.

Besides watching horse, the racecourse also serves other services like restaurants, hospitality tents which are convenient for some watchers to join activities in night.

On average, ticket costs £57 for one match. However, it is sold out fast, you need to book it in advance as soon as possible. 

2, The Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot is annually held in June. This race looks like a festival for all people to visit and have a party together.

In the past, people would wear well-dressed to join this event, including men, women and children. All people feltexpecting and interesting.

Estimated that the Royal Ascot has ever received over £6 millionin per season. Even, the Queen has ever joined this event every year as her annualy habit. This means popularity of this racecourse is becoming various and developed widely, not only in the domestic area in the UK, but also the foreigner from all over the world.

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